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Soft hums or subtle sounds are normal sounds produced by every car. But sounds described as squeaking, rattling, or clicking may be an indication of underlying mechanical issues. These sounds may come from different parts of your car, which may include the brakes and engine. Below are some of the clues that can help you understand the kind of problems your vehicle is undergoing.

Squeaky Brakes

The brakes typically make noise when it requires attention. If you hear squeaking sounds coming from the brakes, this might mean that some parts have worn out. A reputable mechanic can solve this issue by lubricating brake components or replacing worn parts.

Engine Rattling

These rattling noises usually originate from the engine due to premature ignition. Premature ignition can be caused by various issues that include improper ignition timing, overheated engine, and improper fuel octane. These issues result in the improper mixing of fuel and air in the engine cylinder, causing an early ignition and possible damage to other major parts such as the valves, connecting rods, and pistons.

Engine Clicking

Most of the clicking sound coming from the engine may indicate that oil levels are deficient. Consider checking the oil levels regularly using a dipstick. If the clicking sound continues, even after replenishing the oil to the appropriate level, you may need to check the upper valve train.

Knocking Under the Hood

The knocking sound under the hood is an issue requiring immediate attention. This particular noise may be related to a problem with the valve, pistons, and the connecting rods. The mechanic is the best person to identify the real cause of the problem.

Engine Squealing

Several issues can cause a squealing engine. For the older vehicles, this noise emanates from worn accessory belts, which operate components such as the air conditioner compressor, power steering pump, and the alternator. For the newer vehicle, the reason for the squealing engine is the serpentine belt.

If you hear abnormal sounds from your vehicle, contact our friendly representatives to schedule service at our Nissan service center in Phoenix. Our certified technicians are ready to get your car back in good, dependable condition.


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