Having access to top quality new parts is critical to prolonging the life of your new Nissan. Whether you are involved in an accident or simply need to perform preventative maintenance as parts wear, there is no better place to shop for parts than your regional Nissan dealer.

We are able to personally give strong references to the parts we sell because our technicians install them every day without issue. We have access to an exclusive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) database that breaks your vehicle down into every replaceable part. We can special order anything from complete engines to belts, radiators, headlights, and special bolts.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

Higher Quality from Trusted Sources

The quality of OEM parts shines through by the evident quality of the parts on the roads today. Nissan vehicles are the choice vehicle for car rental agencies because they are so well-built and require minimal maintenance to keep them running. They are often made from durable rubbers that withstand a wide range of operating conditions when others break down. The ABS-grade OEM plastics are the strongest available. The metallurgy uses pressurized forging processes to transform and strengthen metals at a molecular level.

The same cannot be said about aftermarket parts. These parts are generally made in overseas factories without many quality controls. When you purchase parts over the internet or settle for any local parts store product for the convenience, you may pay with problems in the long run.

Additional Support After Installation

OEM Brakes and Parts

Genuine Nissan parts often come with a standard one-year limited warranty. Installing aftermarket parts, by contrast, often voids the factory warranty. Since the premature failure rates are so low for OEM parts, the aftermarket part will be suspect when anything connected to the part system fails. Aftermarket parts rarely come with a warranty because they are built to be disposable.

OEM Parts are Designed For Your Nissan

Easy Brake Installations

There is never any guesswork when you purchase OEM parts from our exclusive Nissan parts database. This computer platform breaks down every element of your vehicle into different systems and subsystems to help us visualize the parts diagram. The parts are limited by the range of those available for your specific vehicle VIN number. This ensures absolute compatibility even if your model was a one-off production that was discontinued during the rest of the model year.

Our technicians won't work with anything else because aftermarket parts typically have to be wrestled with and retrofitted to complete the repair. It’s not conducive to the technician’s time and your money to use aftermarket parts when considering the complexity of repairs and the extensive labor to replace parts.

Visit our parts department today to pick up a specific part or ask any questions you might have.

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