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If you run a business where transportation takes up a good portion of your day, there's no better fleet solution than the 2014 Nissan NV. With cargo van, passenger van, compact van and taxi models, it's perfect for just about any job. This year the entire line sees upgrades in each model's features and towing/hauling capabilities, along with the introduction of the aforementioned taxi model, a unique twist on the traditional cab that provides exceptional utility and comfort for passengers and drivers alike. If you're on the lookout for a work van in Phoenix, the 2014 Nissan NV is bar-none the best option for versatile towing/hauling. For a single vehicle purchase or entire fleet purchases or inquiries, please contact ABC Nissan using the number at the top of your screen. For more introductory information continue reading the Nissan NV review below.

The 2014 Nissan NV van is available in cargo van, passenger van, compact van and taxi models, with various trim levels that vary by engine type and amenities. In the case of the Nissan NV Cargo Van, buyers can expect 1500, 2500 and 3500 trim levels. The entry-level 1500 features a 4.0-liter V6 engine that generates 261 horsepower, perfect for businesses or individuals who aren't towing or hauling extremely heavy payloads. The top-range 3500 features a powerful 5.6-liter V8 with 317 horsepower, and the mid-level 2500 is available with either of the two aforementioned engine options.

Many Nissan NV reviews point out that versatility and interior quality is what sets this van apart from others in its class. Standard and optional features include: a standard height roof or an extended height roof, air conditioning, an audio system, a rearview camera, rear park assist, cruise control, keyless entry, full power accessories, and a variety of customizable rear storage options, storage bins and racks.

NV Cargo MPG, 0-60 Speed & More

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford E-Series and the Chevy Express are exceeded by the 2014 NV Cargo in many areas. Just a few of the characteristics that shoppers in AZ will enjoy are the NV Cargo's pronounced styling and bargain price. You'll undoubtedly see that when compared to the vehicle options listed above it's a fabulous value in regard to price, which is why many Phoenix Nissan customers choose it. Catch a glimpse of our facts list to learn more about the NV Cargo - bullets below this paragraph.

  • 2014 Nissan NV Cargo MPG: N/A city / N/A highway
  • 2014 Nissan NV Cargo MSRP: $25,420
  • 2014 Nissan NV Cargo Seats: 2 passengers
  • 2014 Nissan NV Cargo Body Style(s): Van
  • 2014 Nissan NV Cargo Colors: Red Alert, Super Black, Glacier White, etc...
  • 2014 Nissan NV Cargo Doors: 2-door
  • 2014 Nissan NV Cargo Cargo Space: 121.9 cubic feet
  • 2014 Nissan NV Cargo 0-60 MPH in N/A seconds

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