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Phoenix Nissan Dealership Reviews the New Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is one of the industry's leading electric vehicles thanks to its pioneering entry into the market a little over four years ago. As one of the very first all-electric cars, it provided drivers with an affordable, eco-friendly way to travel. Now, the 2014 Nissan Leaf carries on the tradition of gasoline-free transportation with an EPA-estimated range of 75 miles per charge, a well-equipped interior, and leading comfort and tech amenities. Other improvements on last year's model include a new, standard rearview camera on all trim levels and updated infotainment technology. If you're looking for an electric car in Phoenix, the 2014 Nissan Leaf is a solid choice among competitors like the Ford Focus Electric and Honda Fit EV.

The new four-passenger Nissan Leaf is available this year in S, SV and SL trim levels. As it's all electric, the Leaf is powered by a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery paired to an electric motor that generates 107 horsepower and 187 lb.-ft. of torque. Nissan Leaf drivers in Phoenix will find that different driving conditions and habits will affect mileage, but under normal conditions, the EPA has labeled the Leaf with a 75-mile range on a full charge ?" plenty to get to and from work every day and then some. Thanks to recent advances in the Leaf's charger, owners can charge their battery to capacity in only four hours.

Several 2014 Nissan Leaf reviews note that its amenity laden interior makes it a joy to drive. Standard and optional features, include: automatic climate control, keyless entry/push-button start, heated side mirrors, a rearview camera, navigation, a Bose audio system, Nissan's 360-degree-view monitor, cloth or leather seats, Pandora streaming radio and more. Contact ABC Nissan in Phoenix to learn more, or simply continue reading the 2014 Nissan Leaf review below.

Prominent Specs for the Nissan Leaf

In several areas, the 2014 Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius and the Ford Fusion Hybrid are outmatched by the 2014 Nissan Leaf. The Leaf's sharp exterior design, cutting-edge features and competitive price are sure to win over AZ shoppers. It's a fantastic value. Just compare its price to the forementioned vehicle options and you'll undoubtedly see why so many Phoenix drivers love it. View the Leaf bullet list underneath this text for more quick facts.

  • 2014 Nissan Leaf Seats: 5 passengers
  • 2014 Nissan Leaf Doors: 4-door
  • 2014 Nissan Leaf Cargo Space: 24 cubic feet
  • 2014 Nissan Leaf MPG: 106 city / 92 highway
  • 2014 Nissan Leaf MSRP: $32,780
  • 2014 Nissan Leaf 0-60 MPH in 7 seconds
  • 2014 Nissan Leaf Colors: Blue Ocean, Pearl White, Super Black, Cayenne Red, etc...
  • 2014 Nissan Leaf Body Style(s): Compact Sedan

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Welcome to the ABC Nissan review of the new Leaf. After reading our overview above, if you decide the Leaf isn't the best vehicle for your driving needs, please check out other 2014 Nissan reviews in our research gallery. Good reviews are hard to find ; but as the foremost Nissan retailer in Phoenix we've put it all in one location for you. Filled with practical data and specs, including mpg and other info, each section gives you full access to everything Nissan's lineup has to offer. Want to read other Nissan car comparisons and reviews? Then visit our digital research directory, where you'll learn about other new vehicles on sale at ABC Nissan.

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