Nissan Reveals Z GT4 Race Car  

The Z GT4 Race Car from Nissan is a vehicle that turns heads. The Z GT4 is unique in many respects, including the fact that it’s a racing car designed for amateur and professional drivers alike.

Nissan’s Z GT4 is equally enjoyable to look at and ride in. With a top horsepower (HP) of 430 and up to 443 LB-FT in torque, the Z GT4 rivals the top sports cars on the market. The Z GT4 packs such a punch that Nissan says it’s slated to appear in the SRO Pirelli GT4 America race series in 2023. Race car fans will be glad to know that they can choose from several versions of the Z GT4. Consumers can buy either the regular Z GT4 or opt for the racing edition of the same vehicle.

The Z GT4 is driven by a strong engine. The car’s engine is a variation of the 3.0L V-6 twin-turbo engine that powers the Nissan Z. However, the Z GT4’s engine has been modified to produce even more power than the standard Z engine. The Z GT4’s engine can produce up to 450 HP and 443 LB-FT in torque, which is 50 HP more than the maximum power that the Z’s engine generates. The extra engine power isn’t all that the car has to brag about, however. The Z GT4 also has some sport-specific modifications that help it perform like a race car in addition to looking like one. The Nissan Z GT4 also has a sport-tuned chassis that was specifically designed for competing on the racetrack. The rear wing of the Z GT4 is also wider than on most cars, and it has other aerodynamic components such as Brembo brakes and large 18-inch rims.

Along with its performance-oriented mechanical build, the Nissan Z GT4 has a sporty look. The Z GT4 is a striking vehicle with its modern lightweight frame and vintage styling cues reminiscent of Nissan’s racing cars from the 1970s. The Nissan Z GT4 is made in a bold and eye-catching black and red color scheme. The interior is just as impressive. Unlike many cars on the road today, the Nissan Z GT4 lacks a touchscreen display and a digital gauge cluster. It also has a roll cage for added safety. The controls are easily accessible, and the car also has a microsuede steering wheel.

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