About Hope's Crossing in Phoenix  

Getting back on your feet after a significantly challenging time can prove to be extremely difficult. One organization dedicated to helping women get their lives back in order is Hope's Crossing. This organization was first founded in 2010 to help women transition back into everyday life following a period in prison or after addiction recovery.

Hope's Crossing provides various services that can help someone get back into a life that they want. The organization has a strong program in place that can help with professional skills training, assistance with housing, and the emotional support that they need to manage the anxiety and stress that comes with making a significant change in their life.

While the organization continues to be in transition while helping people all over the Phoenix area, they have developed an impressive program known as the Fundamentals of Freedom. The Fundamentals of Freedom is a unique program that someone can go through that is designed to help a woman go through recovery and rehabilitation, get a safe place to live, and put themselves back into a life that they want to lead and can be proud of.

Since it was founded, the organization has helped hundreds of women in the area meet their needs. The organization boasts that over 90% of the women who start the program complete it. Once they have completed the program, they also can join the Community of Hope, which is the alumni program that is designed to help graduates give back to their community and the program. To learn more about Community of Hope, visit their website.