Nissan Connect  

Nissan Connect is one of the top features to find in Nissan models and offers a high accommodation level to drivers while spending time on the road. The technology allows the driver and passengers to stay connected to their electronic devices to maintain productivity in the car. If you want to learn how to use Nissan Connect, there are a few crucial steps and tips to follow.

Download the App

The first step to begin using Nissan Connect is to download the app directly onto your smartphone or tablet. Using the app will allow you to view the vehicle on your device and use the remote start feature. You can start and stop the car from the app's convenience with a push of a button. Two additional buttons on the right of the screen allow you to unlock and lock the vehicle without using your keyfob.

Two additional buttons are on the left of the screen and allow you to honk the horn or turn on the vehicle's headlights.

Nissan Connect

Check the Status

On the bottom of the screen is a button that allows you to check the status of the car and the different components. Here, you can view how much fuel is left in the tank and how many miles are left before you're on empty. You can also check out if there's enough tire pressure. You can view if the engine needs any attention and if the airbags and brakes are in good shape.

Locate Your Vehicle

One of the most convenient features of the app is locating the car, which can make it easy to find in a packed parking lot or if you assume theft has occurred. The app even allows you to save some of your favorite locations to make it easy to locate them again in the future. You can send the directions to your car with the "Send to Car" button on the top of the app.

View the Latest Alerts

Click the button with the vehicle icon on the bottom of the screen to view the latest alerts and notifications. You'll receive alerts related to your speed, boundaries, curfew, and valet. This makes the technology useful if you loan the car to a teen driver.

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