If you want to have a car that provides dependable transportation and runs smoothly, then there isn't anything more important than completing the proper maintenance and repairs. Proper maintenance is also a contributing factor to the level of comfort and safety that is experienced by the driver and passengers. And no one wants to ride around in an unsafe and uncomfortable vehicle. The below tips will help you maintain a dependable car and its value.

Schedule Tire Rotations at Recommended Intervals

Tires play an important role in having a dependable and safe car; however, they also affect the wear and tear of the suspension system. They help to absorb the impact of the bumps on the road, along with the shocks and struts. Tires need to be rotated according to the manufacturer's specifications and periodically inspected for the condition and appropriate air pressure.

Additionally, inspect the spare tire to ensure it’s accurately inflated. If the spare is a full-size tire, it's advantageous to include it within the tire rotation. A temporary spare, or "donut," should never be included in the tire rotation.

Stay Current on Regular Oil Changes

Oil is essential for lubricating the internal parts of an engine, but contaminated or dirty oil can cause significant harm. All engines produce sludge, dirt and debris, and the oil is specifically manufactured to reduce those harmful elements. Regular oil changes ensure that the oil consistently remains at a peak quality level, and it is the primary reason for an engine's longevity.

Regular oil changes also help with:

  • Fuel Economy
  • Engine Performance
  • Reducing Engine Wear and Tear
  • Maintaining Peak Acceleration

Don't Procrastinate with Small Repairs

Nissan Rogue

It's easy to allow a small repair to go on longer than necessary, especially when it's not preventing you from driving the car. But, eventually, all repairs must be completed, and the sooner they are, the less likely there will be other related repairs. For example, a small leak of coolant fluid can cause an engine to overheat and result in needing multiple repairs that could be avoided if the leak were repaired promptly. Staying up-to-date on repairs also helps to maintain the value of your car and gives you the best chance for getting a good price for resale or fair appraisal for a trade-in.

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