Nissan Safety Shield Tech

Advanced Safety Technology

Nissan has spent countless hours researching and developing advanced safety technology for its passenger vehicles. Offering superb protection and driving assistance, the Nissan Safety Shield Technologies are installed in the company's sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks.

Three Categories of the Nissan Safety Shield Technologies

Driver Assistance Tech

Part of the response component of the Nissan Safety Shield Technologies, the Vehicle Dynamic Control ensures that the wheels roll in the same direction as the steering projection. The VDC senses the slightest slipping and other instability in the wheels. If a Nissan model loses a grip on the road, the Traction Control System provides an immediate increase in traction. An anti-lock braking system creates more freedom of movement in the brakes when the wheels lock up on a slippery surface. Forceful braking in a critical situation is adjusted by the Brake Assist technology. When the second row and trunk are loaded to maximum capacity, the Electronic Brake Force Distribution increases the braking power in the rear wheels. Additionally, the Intelligent Auto Headlights are part of the response element of the company's signature safety suite.

The protect category of the Nissan Safety Shield Technologies includes several passive safety amenities. The Nissan Advanced Airbag System inflates in two different stages to deliver the optimum cushioning effect during a front or rear collision. The deployment rate of the airbags is controlled by sensors that analyze the vehicle's speed during an accident. A rollover sensor manages the inflation of the roof-mounted curtain airbags in the first and second rows. A registered trademark that belongs to Nissan, the Snug Kids technology makes it easy to find a child's seat that's compatible with a specific Nissan model. A LATCH system is another passive safety feature that's designed to improve the safety of young children in the second row.

The monitor category of the Nissan Safety Shield Technologies is designed to minimize the risks of front, side and rear collisions. If you don't react to a sudden decrease in the speed of traffic ahead, the Automatic Emergency Braking will take last-second action to avoid a crash. You'll get some notifications from the Intelligent Forward Collision Warning before the AEB slams on the front and rear brakes. The AEB is also available with the Pedestrian Detection technology that helps you avoid hitting people at intersections and crosswalks with limited visibility. If you want to take your hands off the steering wheel for a commute, the Intelligent Cruise Control is readily available for such convenience. When you want to leave a safe gap behind another moving car, simply set the ICC to the appropriate setting.

Are you nervous about parallel parking or backing out from a parking space? Then you'll love the Intelligent Around View Monitor. From strollers to shopping carts, the Moving Object Detection technology identifies moving targets of various sizes. You can easily zoom in on the curbside and 360-degree overhead views that appear on a touch-screen monitor. Instead of seeing a reflected image, you'll see wide-angle views in the Intelligent Rear View Mirror that works well during the day and night. Optional in premium Nissan cars, the Intelligent Back-Up Intervention overrides the braking system if you're in danger of an accident.

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