Nissan LEAF Battery Life  

The Nissan LEAF is an electric vehicle that is exceptionally eco-friendly thanks to its zero emissions and compact design. If you're looking for a vehicle with some pep, its 80 kW electric motor does the job along with a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery. If you're considering this vehicle as an option for your next investment, you may be wondering how long this type of battery is expected to last. Let's take a look at this automobile component a bit closer.

The Nissan Leaf Battery Life

While every new Nissan LEAF at ABC Nissan comes with a brand new battery, a few different factors will contribute to its overall life expectancy. The number of miles you drive, your driving habits, and the climate you live in will affect battery life. As your battery ages, you'll find that its ability to charge and its capacity will change. In general, the Nissan LEAF battery is expected to last for about 10 years or 100,000 miles.

What Constitutes a Failing Battery?

There are specific criteria that must be met for your battery to be considered failing. For Nissan to confirm your battery is done, it must have somewhere between one and four bars (out of 12). Depending on the age of your battery, the warranty coverage may be applicable. You can speak with a technician at our service center to find out more about potential coverage.

  Nissan Battery  

Climate Effects

The LEAFs in hotter climates tend to have shorter life expectancies when it comes to their battery. Colder states tend to do much better. The only issue that may exist in colder climates is the amount of range that you experience. Cold weather affects the mobility of the electrons that are inside of your battery.

The Nissan LEAF is a popular electric vehicle on the market right now, and it contributes to reducing your carbon footprint. Many vehicle owners are concerned with this, and we here at ABC Nissan recommend that you stop by our dealership to check out the current LEAF inventory that we have on-site. If you already have a LEAF but are having issues with its battery, contact our dealership to inquire about a replacement. We can help you affordably update your battery, getting you back on the road with increased reliability.

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