Nissan Maxima Interior and Air Conditioning

When you get behind the wheel of your Nissan, you understandably want to be as comfortable as possible. On warm spring and summer days, the use of your vehicle’s air conditioner is essential to staying comfortable. While Nissan is an automotive brand that is well-known for its overall quality and for the longevity of its vehicles, any component on any model can eventually wear out. Dirt and grime can also accumulate on some components to cause additional issues. Because of how frequently and heavily the vehicle’s AC system may be used, you may require professional Nissan AC repair service from time to time. Through the efforts of our certified technicians you can enjoy fast service to restore the condition of your vehicle’s air conditioner.

The AC Is Only Putting Out a Small Amount of Air. Why Is This Happening?

Through your control of the AC system in your Nissan, you should be able to adjust airflow through high, medium and low settings. It can be uncomfortable to ride around in your Nissan on warmer days when the AC system has minimal airflow. This type of AC issue could be related to leaking hoses in various locations of the system, damaged seals or even mildew or mold growing on the evaporator case. We have the parts and equipment on hand to address these issues in most cases.

The Air Conditioner Does Not Cool the Air. Can You Help?

After you turn on the air conditioner in your Nissan, you expect to feel a welcome wave of chilled air that cools down the vehicle’s interior. However, you may notice that the initial gust of cool air quickly becomes warm or even hot air. This could be related to damage to the compressor clutch, valves, fuses or other parts. You may also not feel any cool air blowing from the vents. This type of issue is often caused by issues with the condenser, the vacuum seals, the blower, the compressor and various other components. Our certified technicians have the knowledge and skills required to quickly repair any damaged components that are causing you issues today.

How Can I Tell If My Air Conditioner Is Leaking?

If you pay close attention to your vehicle when you are getting out of it, you may notice that liquid drips onto the ground after you drive around with the air conditioner on. You may think that this could be caused by a serious air conditioner leak in your Nissan, but the good news is that this type of moisture is usually normal. However, there are signs of air conditioner leaks that you should be alert for. After all, a leak in your AC components can allow moisture into the system. Corrosion can occur when this moisture interacts with the refrigerant liquid in your AC system, and this corrosion can ultimately destroy the system beyond repair. Pay attention for changes in airflow and temperature so that you can get a diagnostic service from our team at the first sign of trouble.

My Nissan’s Air Conditioner Puts Off a Bad Smell. Does It Need to Be Serviced?

Nissan MaximaIssues with airflow and temperature changes are only some of the signs of AC issues that you may notice. If you notice a bad odor when the AC operates, service may be needed. This could be an odor similar to rotten eggs, smelly shoes or something similar. One of the reasons why this smell may be present is because of a dirty AC air filter. Our technicians can quickly replace the filter to improve the smell and air quality in your vehicle. Mold growth on the evaporator case could also create a foul smell inside your Nissan. One of the causes of mold growth in this area is a clogged or blocked drain line. Cleaning the line and the evaporator case can address this situation. Contact us today to schedule AC service for your Nissan.


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