Nissan Engine Not Working

One of the worst situations drivers can face is a car that suddenly doesn't start. Aside from merely being an inconvenience, a car that won't start can leave you with expensive car repair bills. Fortunately, you can sometimes figure out the root cause of the problem without having to call a tow truck or technician. If you can't determine the cause or still think a technician should check out your car, don't hesitate to contact us for a service appointment.

Dead Battery


One possible reason for your car not starting is a dead battery. The battery will last about 50,000 to 60,000 miles in most vehicles, which equates to three to five years. Sometimes, however, the battery can wear out sooner if exposed to certain factors, such as excessive moisture levels, which can cause corrosion, or extreme summer and winter temperatures. A technician can inspect your battery for its overall condition and to see how much strength it has left.

Faulty Ignition


A faulty ignition switch is another top reason for a car to stop working. The ignition is usually located on the dashboard, but your car may also have a keyless ignition. Either way, pressing a button or physically inserting a key usually starts the car. If the ignition breaks, the car won't start when you attempt to turn it on. The ignition can wear out over time with age, which can ultimately cause it to stop working completely. When that happens, you'll need to visit a technician for repairs.

Clogged Fuel Filter


Much like the cabin in your car has a filter, the engine also has a filter that helps your car operate smoothly. The filter in the engine, which is called the fuel filter, normally traps dust, dirt, and other debris before it makes it way to the engine and fuel lines. If the fuel filter gets dirty, which inevitably happens over time, the engine can start to suffer. You may notice sluggish performance as a result, and eventually, the car might not start at all.

Empty Fuel Tank


If the car won't start and the fuel gauge reads empty, your problem is likely that there isn't enough fuel in your car. If your car is telling you that it's out of gas, try adding some gasoline to the reservoir. If the car still indicates an empty fuel tank, you might have another problem, such as a broken fuel gauge.

Bad Starter


Although the starter is small, it has an important role in your car's health. The starter is an electric motor that turns the engine on when you start the car. If the starter breaks, the engine won't receive the message it needs to turn over.


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