Car Oil Types

There are many types of motor oil to be used for your vehicle, and the product chosen should be based upon several factors. Among the factors to consider are your driving characteristics, consideration of the environment you live in, daily driven mileage, and the age of your engine. The decision on what motor oil to protect your vehicle may seem daunting, so let one of our expert technicians assist you in making the correct decision. Another excellent reference guide is the vehicles owner manual.

Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic oil is the most expensive motor oil, but for a good reason. Synthetic oil provides superior lubrication characteristics that deliver optimal driving performance. Synthetic motor oil reduces oxidation that shortens the life of engine oil. The higher viscosity levels of synthetic oil provide greater resistance to thermal breakdown for higher performance engines. A side benefit may be a noticeable improvement in the engine's efficiency. If you drive in an area with fluctuating temperature extremes, synthetic oil will provide better protection, especially for older vehicles.

Blended Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic blended motor oil combines organic and synthetic oil with special additives for excellent engine protection. In addition, the resultant synthetic blended oil provides good protection to oil oxidation and reduces oil sludge. As a result, a more affordable alternative to synthetic oil with many of the same benefits can easily replace conventional oil.


Conventional Motor Oil

The most popular motor oil is ideal for light-working vehicles traveling short distances at a moderate speed. In addition, conventional motor oil is most effective in stable climates without extreme temperature variations and low engine workloads.

High Mileage Motor Oil

Vehicles that have traveled over 75,000 miles are perfect candidates for high mileage motor oil. This engine oil is engineered with special additives such as seal additives to assist in minimizing oil leaks. The additives also promote cleaner emissions output and help to reduce oil consumption.

The decision on what motor oil to use is essential to the performance and life of your vehicle's engine. So, it is good to visit our dealership and discuss your driving habits with one of our service experts and determine what oil is correct for your vehicle.

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