Nissan Maxima to be Phased Out in 2023  

Originally developed in the early 1980s, the Nissan Maxima has been a major player in the full-size sedan segment of North America. Over the decades, this model has competed well against other similar vehicles from Asian, American, and European brands. However, the Nissan Motor Corporation has officially announced plans to discontinue the Maxima nameplate in 2023. As the marque enters its final year on the market, loyal customers should still look forward to other all-new productions from the innovative company. Perhaps the Maxima will evolve into an all-new electric vehicle that will be part of the Freedom to Move program from Nissan.

The End of an Iconic Era

The Nissan Maxima has traditionally catered to American consumers with generous budgets. This full-size sedan has been sold with lots of premium features at reasonable market prices. Under the hood, this large model has been equipped with a V-6 gasoline engine block. In terms of capabilities, the Maxima has always led Nissan's sedan lineup by large margins. However, the demand for this model has been gradually declining over the last few generations. With the rise of hybrid and electric vehicles, this full-size sedan has lost its appeal on a large scale in North America. The Maxima has not been known for great fuel efficiency or nimble handling. As the Nissan Motor Corporation focuses on the future of EVs, this full-size sedan will be appropriately retired.

Nevertheless, the model might be revived as an EV with plenty of all-new technologies. Nissan already plans to launch at least a dozen all-new EVs by 2030. The Freedom to Move campaign will closely match some of the initiatives by other major auto companies all over the world. Perhaps the future Maxima will be significantly smaller in size. There will probably be more of a focus on the aerodynamics of the redesigned model. Currently, the Maxima experiences plenty of drag forces on the highway. The roofline and entire body will have to be redesigned for a more aerodynamic layout.

American drivers will have to waive goodbye to one of the longest-running sedans from a Japanese company. The global pandemic and other problems with supply chains have perhaps accelerated the retirement of this legendary full-size Maxima sedan.

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