Nissan Lineup

It can be a challenge to save money when you’re trying to purchase a new vehicle. ABC Nissan has partnered up with Costco to provide a discount program to all eligible Costco employees and their significant others. The Nissan and INFINITI Vehicle Purchase Plan program offer lower asking prices on a variety of new vehicles. This removes the need for the consumer to worry about negotiating with the dealership. In addition to these discounts already applied to the vehicle’s sticker prices, these vehicles are still eligible for any rebates or discounts that are offered at a national level.

VPP Business

As a full-time Costco employee, you get 2 VPP claim codes for the calendar year. These codes work for both the employee and their spouse or domestic partner. To redeem one of the discount codes, they must be currently employed. Proof of employment is required upon receipt of the selected vehicle. This proof can be submitted in the form of:

  • - A recent pay stub with the employee’s name clearly included. Any financial information can be removed to protect the employee’s privacy.
  • - A company issued badge can be shown, as long as it includes a full name.
  • - The Costco Human Resources department can obtain a letter. The letter must be dated, include contact information, and include job verification information.

Interested Costco employees can generate a VPP claim code by visiting More information can also be found at the ABC Nissan dealership. If you are having trouble finding the vehicle that you’re interested in, we can help you find the car of your dreams.